Travel from Perth to Broome by coach

by | Feb 12, 2022 | Australia

A road journey by coach from Perth, the most remote city on the earth, to Broome, in the Kimberley area of Western Australia, is an epic bus excursion that is, to put it mildly, an adventure. The entire distance between the two points is more than 2,500 kilometers (1553 miles).

The highlights of this region of Western Australia will be shown to you throughout your journey on this itinerary. Take a trip to the Pinnacle Desert, swim with the dolphins in Monkey Mia, witness the whale sharks in Ningaloo Reef, or just rest and take in the natural beauty that surrounds you in this beautiful country.

Before arriving in Broome, make your way to Tom Price and Karijini National Park. It is possible to perceive the great differences that exist in this region because of the changing nature of the environment.
From Perth to the apex of the world

Before embarking on our one-and-only bus journey from Perth to Broome, we made our way to the local stores to stock up on supplies for our delightful home-cooked meals. During our journey, you will be able to take in the spectacular sights along the Indian Ocean tour and then go on a desert exploration to see the pinnacles.

After a short drive, we arrive at our gorgeous campground near the beach, where we will spend the night relaxing. Watch the sunset with your newfound friends while sipping on a drink!

Geraldton and Pink Lake are two towns in Western Australia

Sleeping with a hangover or swimming first thing in the morning before heading off on the road by bus are also options. Before heading to the magnificent Pink Lake in the afternoon, we stop at the seashore and the Geraldton museums to see what they have to offer.

Camping tonight will take place at the gorgeous bay of luck, where you can enjoy a stroll over the dunes or a dip as the sun begins to set. With plenty of room in the camp, it’s time to upload the music and let yourself loose at night.

Kalbarri National Park is located in Western Australia

Take a ride on the bus and take in the stunning cliffs of Kalbarri before taking a brief dip and a refreshing shower at the river’s mouth. After that, spend a few hours trekking through the spectacular Kalbarri National Park visiting places like Nature’s Window and Z Bend. Late in the afternoon, we board a bus that will transport us to the route that will take us to our overnight halt along the river.

Shark Bay is a place where sharks congregate

We pass our bus, which is located in the Shark Bay World Heritage Site. Spend some time at Shell Beach, where you may unwind and swim in the beautiful blue seas. After lunch, we will travel to the town of Denham, where we will stop for a last Frisbee or cricket game by the lagoon before returning to the hotel.

While camping at the Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort, it’s time to indulge in a little extravagance and comfort. With your flashlight, you may see the animals on the jetty after supper, and you can even rest on the grass around the camp after a spectacular sunset.

Monkey Mia, Dolphins, and Carnarvon are just a few of the attractions

Get out of bed and stroll 50 meters to the edge of the water. Get ready to meet the infamous Monkey Mia dolphins, and if you’re fortunate, get to feed Flipper with his flaky breakfast before the day is through.

Now that there are some spare hours, you may go swimming or hire a kayak to explore the area. We boarded the bus at noon and went to Carnarvon, where we stopped for petrol. Short drive north of here will take us to the campsite, where we will spend the rest of the night.

Coral Bay is a coastal community

We arrived at the coral bay in the middle of the morning and immediately set up a tent on the beach. Now you have practically two free days to explore, dive into the beautiful coral, or just relax on the beach with your newfound friends and take in the beauty of this unique location.

Take advantage of the reef’s greatest features, which include massive coral formations and large fish only a few meters from the shore. In the right circumstances, you may be able to swim with a turtle or a friendly reef shark!

In general, activities will get underway early in the morning, and by the end of the day, everyone will be ready to blow off steam and celebrate! You will fall in love with this land as soon as you set foot on its soil!

Previously, I was a surfer and enjoyed water sports

If the weather cooperates, we may go to the beach in the city of Exmouth and participate in water sports activities there. Take a jet ski out on the water and watch the dolphins and whales go tubing behind the jetskis for a wild rush of excitement, or simply sit on the beach and enjoy the scenery.

The Ningaloo Reef, Cape Range National Park, and Whale Sharks are just a few of the highlights.

All of our fortunate whale shark and hunchback swimmers will be picked up at camp in the early hours of the day. The remaining members of the party will proceed to Cape Range National Park and spend time exploring its various attractions.

The sunset lighthouse sets the tone for our last night together, and if we’re fortunate, we’ll be able to view the humpback whales breaching on the horizon.

The final night at the camp is a fantastic opportunity to spend with your new friends, make arrangements to meet again on future journeys, or ponder how you’re going to go back to where you started.

Visitors from all over the globe come to the Ningaloo Reef during whale shark season to get up and personal with these gentle giants, which is really an unforgettable experience.

Large yet harmless filter feeders may grow to be more than 18 meters in length. A huge number of them routinely come in great numbers at the Ningaloo Reef, which is one of the few sites on Earth where they can feed on plankton concentrations.

They cruise the seas of the globe in search of concentrations of plankton to feed themselves. Because there is so little information available regarding the biology of these organisms, the inquiry will continue.

The journey from Exmouth to Tom Price Tourist Park

Morning in the coral bay or Exmouth, if possible! Prepare yourself for the collecting of your integrity by your coach. – After that, you will journey into the heart of the Pilbara, which is red in color.

Keep an eye out the window for signs of wildlife, perhaps a cheeky dingo or two. Our welcoming partners will be on hand to greet tourists and take them straight to our specialized camp in the Tom Price Tourist Park, which is located nearby.

Forests and mountains surround Kariji National Park

Explore Hancock Gorge and take a relaxing dip at Kermits Pool after a long day of exploring. Take pleasure in your journey to Knox Gorge to swim more. Travelers will rejoice to learn every inch of this amazing site.

Which is covered in rich greenery, from enthralling waterfalls to breathtaking gorges. Assume that you are in the middle of a thick and gorgeous oasis of reds, greens, and blues that runs for 6,000 kilometers.

The amazing range of wildlife and adventure chances found in this ancient terrain make it a genuinely unique phenomenon that should be experienced at any time of the year. Fortescue creates a simulated pool complete with a waterfall that runs all year long for his fans.

This is a breathtaking sight, particularly when you realize that you are in the midst of a desert. Located in Hamersley Gorge is a natural spa pool with a bubbling sensation similar to that of a bush spa. The gorge may be reached by the scenic Hamersley gorge climb, and it is a wonderful place to unwind and rest after a long day.

Begin by taking a refreshing dip at the gorgeous Fern pool and exploring Fortesque Falls. Continue walking for 1.5 kilometers through Dales Gorge to Circular Pool, where you may cool down with another nice dip.

As soon as lunch is over, the bus departs for the Karijini Visitor Center. Take this opportunity to discover more about Karijni’s present and future history, engage with traditional owners, and browse the gift store.


When you arrive at Port Headland, you may relax on the luxury bus and think back on your amazing journey before arriving in the morning in the picturesque city of Broome, Western Australia.

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