A Romantic Trip to Explore Easter Island

A Romantic Trip to Explore Easter Island

Easter Island is one of the world’s most isolated islands, and although it seems to be an ideal location for a great adventure, getting there without breaking the budget may be very challenging. Easter Island is not your normal place where you can survive on US$50 per day, but I can guarantee you that going around Easter Island is one of the most gratifying experiences you can have.

Incredible culture

For starters, Easter Island is one of the world’s most distant inhabited islands, but it was home to one of the most incredible cultures, the Rapa Nui. Additionally, the island is well-known for its many massive sculptures known as moai, which were built by the indigenous Rapa Nui people. There is no other site on Earth like it, and if you are fascinated by the history or mystery surrounding the moai, you should absolutely visit Easter Island.

If you’re not into this kind of thing but nonetheless love spending time in nature, Easter Island has you covered. Due to the island’s volcanic scenery, unspoilt environment, and distant location, visitors will be able to experience nature in its totality.

The journey from Santiago de Chile to Easter Island takes around 5 hours and 40 minutes on the way and somewhat less, 4 hours and 45 minutes on the return, owing to the wind’s impact.

The best time to visit

The beginning of February is the greatest time to visit since your visit will coincide with Rapa Nui’s yearly celebration of the island’s history and culture, the Tapati Festival. You will be able to see traditional dance, music, and dramatic performances by indigenous people. The event is typically held in early February and lasts about a month.

Airport in Easter Island

Mataveri International Airport on Easter Island, which opened in 1967, is regarded the world’s most distant airport since the closest air terminal is Mangareva in French Polynesia, 2603 kilometers away but without a direct link. At the time, it exclusively runs between Santiago de Chile Airport (3759 kilometers) and Papeete (Tahiti) Airport (4254 kilometers).

Additionally, there are a few flights each week to and from Papeete Airport (PPT) in Tahiti, which serves as the primary gateway to the other Polynesian islands. In this scenario, the outbound trip is somewhat shorter at 5 hours and 20 minutes from Papeete but exceeds 6 hours on the return flight owing to the wind against.

Due to Easter Island’s remote and secluded position, the most prevalent mode of transport is via aircraft. Currently, Lan (Latam Airlines) operates regular flights to Rapa Nui. It links the island with a daily flight from Santiago de Chile’s Arturo Merino Bentez Airport (SCL), however, flight frequency may vary somewhat during peak season since this is the most essential and accessible point of connection.

Traveling by boat to Easter Island

Some tourists, like the characters of the classic film “The suns of Easter Island,” maintain the romantic notion of journeying to Easter Island by boat. They board a freighter from the port of Valparaiso in search of a magical experience. It is conceivable to reach Rapa Nui by riding the waves as its original inhabitants did, but this is a trek that is now reserved for a select few.

The first and most daring alternative is to cross the ocean on a private yacht or sailboat. The primary anchorage is at Hanga Roa Bay, which is shielded from east and southeast winds.

Additionally, you may anchor at Hotuiti in front of the Ahu Tongariki, on the beach of Anakena, which is an excellent location for jumping into the ocean and swimming, or in the Vinapu sector. Depending on the strength, direction, and status of the water, it may be essential to move locations.

Getting around the island

There are several methods to travel about the island, and the costs vary from inexpensive to prohibitively costly. The cheapest alternative is to hire a mountain bike, which should cost about US$28 per day. However, bear in mind that the island is mountainous, and biking across would take between one hour to two hours. You’d need at least three days to see everything on the island.

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