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What is the Best Time to Visit Peradeniya Botanical Gardens?

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Posted : June 3, 2023 11:52 pm
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The best time to visit Peradeniya Botanical Gardens depends on your preferences and expectations. However, some general factors to consider are:

- The weather: The gardens are located in a tropical climate zone, which means they are warm and humid throughout the year. The average temperature ranges from 22°C to 31°C, and the average rainfall is about 2000 mm per year⁵. The dry season lasts from December to April, and the rainy season lasts from May to November⁴. The dry season is more suitable for enjoying the flowers and the greenery, while the rainy season offers a refreshing escape from the heat and humidity.

- The flowers: The gardens have a rich diversity of plants, including orchids, spices, medicinal plants and palm trees. Some of the plants bloom all year round, while others have specific flowering seasons. For example, the orchid house hosts an annual orchid show in February³, and the spice garden showcases various spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg and clove². If you want to see a particular plant or flower in its full glory, you should check its blooming period before planning your visit.

- The crowds: The gardens are one of the most popular attractions in Sri Lanka, attracting over 1.2 million locals and 400,000 foreign visitors in 2016². The gardens can get crowded during weekends, holidays and festivals, especially during the Sinhala and Tamil New Year in April⁴. If you want to avoid the crowds and enjoy a peaceful stroll in the gardens, you should visit on weekdays or early mornings.

Based on these factors, the best time to visit Peradeniya Botanical Gardens is from April to July. This is when the weather is pleasant and dry, the flowers are in bloom and the crowds are relatively less⁵. However, you can also enjoy the gardens during other times of the year, as they offer something for everyone. Just make sure you dress appropriately for the weather and bring an umbrella or a raincoat in case of rain.

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Posted : June 3, 2023 11:54 pm

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