A Day Trip to Beira Lake: Explore the Beauty of Colombo’s Waterfront

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If you are looking for a relaxing and scenic escape from the hustle and bustle of Colombo, then Beira Lake is the perfect destination for you. Beira Lake is a well-known landmark in the heart of the capital, surrounded by many large businesses, hotels, and attractions. It covers an area of about 160 acres, but it was once much larger and served as a defensive moat for the Portuguese invaders in the 16th century.

Today, Beira Lake offers a tranquil and green oasis for visitors to enjoy its natural beauty, cultural heritage, and recreational activities. Here are some of the highlights of a day trip to Beira Lake that you should not miss.

Seema Malakaya Meditation Centre

One of the most iconic features of Beira Lake is the Seema Malakaya Meditation Centre, a floating temple that was designed by the renowned architect Geoffrey Bawa. The temple is an extension of the Gangaramaya Temple, one of the oldest and most important Buddhist temples in Colombo.

The Seema Malakaya Meditation Centre consists of three interconnected platforms that house a stupa, a bo tree, and several statues of Buddha and Hindu gods. The temple is a serene and peaceful place to meditate, admire the lake views, and learn about the religious diversity of Sri Lanka.

Lovers’ Island

Another attraction that you can find is the Lovers’ Island, a small island that is connected to the mainland by a wooden bridge. The island is a romantic and secluded spot for couples to stroll through its lush gardens, sit on its benches, and enjoy its fountains and sculptures.

The island also offers a panoramic view of the lake and the city skyline. Lovers’ Island is a popular venue for weddings and photo shoots, as well as a relaxing getaway for anyone who wants to experience some tranquility in the midst of urban chaos.

Swan Boat Rides

If you want to have some fun and adventure on Beira Lake, then you should try the swan boat rides that are available near the Seema Malakaya Meditation Centre. You can rent a manually-powered swan-shaped boat for two people and paddle across the lake at your own pace.

The swan boat rides are a great way to explore the lake’s surroundings, see its wildlife, and get some exercise. You can also take some amazing photos of yourself and your partner on the swan boat with the lake and the temple as your backdrop.

Jogging Track

For those who are more into fitness and wellness, the lake also has a jogging track that runs along its perimeter. The jogging track is about 3 km long and has a paved surface that is suitable for running, walking, or cycling.

The jogging track is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike who want to get some fresh air and exercise while enjoying the scenic views of the lake and its attractions. The jogging track also has some benches, water fountains, and restrooms along its route for your convenience.

In addition to boat rides, there are a number of other things to see and do on Beira Lake. These include:

  • Visit the Viharamahadevi Park
  • Take a walk or bike ride along the waterfront
  • Visit the National Museum
  • Explore the Colombo Fort
  • Visit the Gangaramaya Temple
  • Go shopping at the Pettah Market

How to Get to Beira Lake

Beira Lake is located in the heart of Colombo, so it is easy to get to. You can take a taxi, tuk-tuk, or public bus to the lake.

Where to Stay

There are a number of hotels and guesthouses located near Beira Lake. Some of the best hotels in Colombo are located within walking distance of the lake.

When to Go

The best time to visit Beira Lake is during the dry season, which is from November to April. The weather is warm and sunny during this time, and there is little rain.

Tips for Visitors

Here are a few tips for visitors to Beira Lake:

  • Wear comfortable shoes, as you will be doing a lot of walking.
  • Bring a hat and sunscreen, as the sun can be very strong.
  • Bring a camera to capture all of the beautiful scenery.
  • Be respectful of the local culture and customs.

Beira Lake is one of the best places to visit in Colombo if you want to experience its natural beauty, cultural heritage, and recreational activities. Whether you want to meditate at the floating temple, romance at Lovers’ Island, paddle on a swan boat, or jog along the lakefront, Beira Lake has something for everyone. A day trip to Beira Lake will surely leave you refreshed, rejuvenated, and inspired by its charm and splendor.

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