Nilaveli Beach Hotel Traveller Reviews

Nilaveli Beach Hotel Traveller Reviews

From the moment I made the reservation, I was treated to exceptional hospitality at the hotel. Staff members who are excellently attentive, modest, and extremely friendly. The main bedroom in the suite has a breathtaking panorama of Pigeon Island and is fitted with high-end amenities. The restaurant staff is highly educated and competent, and the cuisine is delectable and will make your mouth water.

Over the course of the holiday weekend, we had a blast staying at the home. Excellent service and a kind welcome from all of the staff members. In light of the present circumstances in Sri Lanka, we are grateful to the hotel for the logistical help it has offered.

Charge without risk. There was a 13 A square pin outlet accessible for charging electric vehicles overnight as well. Don’t forget to bring your phone charger with you! Excellent cuisine, served in a buffet manner, with a Saturday night barbecue. Thank you to the hotel crew for providing such wonderful and helpful service. Nearby Island Scuba is a PADI-certified diving operation.

On a scuba diving vacation, we stopped at the Nilaveli Beach hotel and were treated to outstanding hospitality there. Very flexible in terms of traveling, scuba diving, and any other requirements that may be necessary. The beach is stunning, and the personnel is really kind. We owe you a debt of gratitude and promise to visit again.

A stay at the Nilaveli Beach Hotel was, as it usually is, an experience to remember. The scuba diving club joined us on our yearly excursion. We were welcomed with iced tea and the warm hospitality that is characteristic of Sri Lanka. The rooms were spacious and had a high level of comfort. All of the meals were delicious. The staff is quite pleasant and highly professional. The diving went quite well with the island scuba divers as well as the pearl divers.

The food, the people, and the service were all excellent. The rooms were a little bit antiquated, but there was so much to do that there was no need to utilize the room for anything other than resting, so I did not mind that at all. One of the evenings was spent having a nice barbecue on the beach while looking at the stars. We also had a wonderful day scuba diving with Island Scuba, the hotel’s affiliated dive shop in the area.

This hotel was our home for the week during our vacation. We had a lovely experience. The meal was excellent, the service was excellent, and the personnel were polite. Everyone on staff was aware of my sensitivity to shellfish, so I never felt uncomfortable eating. A beach to die for.

I was interested in diving, so I flew to this part of Sri Lanka to check it out. The personnel at this hotel were exceptional, and it served my purpose as an ideal stopover location. It was perfect for my requirements, with its spacious rooms and plenty of space for me to spread out and dry my gear. with simple pickups at local dive shops!

Learning to dive on their reefs and Pigeon island was a rewarding experience. But the nation must do more to conserve its reefs; after all, this asset is the primary reason tourists come here! Be sure to guard it!!

My trip to Sri Lanka comes at a very challenging juncture for the nation. It is hard to travel, book hotels, and do other things because of the ongoing economic crisis and the lack of fuel. When it came to planning out my subsequent travel and transfers, the personnel here provided exceptional service.

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