How to surf like a pro in Arugam Bay?

How to surf like a pro in Arugam Bay?

Arugam Bay is one of the most famous surf destinations in Sri Lanka and for a good reason. It offers a variety of waves for all levels of surfers, from mellow point breaks to hollow reefs. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can find your perfect wave in Arugam Bay.

But how do you surf like a pro in Arugam Bay? Here are some tips and tricks to help you improve your skills and enjoy the best of this surf paradise.

Choose the right spot

Arugam Bay has several surf spots to choose from, each with its own characteristics and challenges. The main spot, also known as Surf Point or Main Point, is a long right-hand point break that breaks over sand and rocks. It has a fast and hollow section at the start, followed by a long and playful wall that offers multiple maneuvers. It is suitable for intermediate to advanced surfers, and it can get crowded during the peak season (May to October).

If you are looking for a more relaxed and beginner-friendly spot, you can head to Whiskey Point, about 10 km north of Arugam Bay. This spot has a gentle right-hand wave that breaks off a boulder point. It is ideal for learning and improving your surfing, as it is less crowded and more forgiving than the main spot.

Another option for beginners and intermediate surfers is Peanut Farm, about 12 km south of Arugam Bay. This spot has two waves: a mellow right-hander that breaks over sand, and a faster left-hander that breaks over reef. Both waves are fun and consistent, and offer a nice view of the surrounding nature.

For more advanced surfers who are looking for a challenge, there are some spots that require a longer drive or a boat ride, such as Pottuvil Point, Crocodile Rock, Elephant Rock, and Okanda. These spots are more exposed to the swell and the wind and can produce powerful and barreling waves. They are also less crowded and more scenic than the main spot.

Choose the right board

The type of board you use can make a big difference in your surfing performance and enjoyment. Depending on the spot, the conditions, and your level of surfing, you might want to choose a different board.

For the main spot, you will need a board that can handle the speed and power of the wave. A shortboard or a fish board would be ideal, as they are maneuverable and responsive. You can also use a funboard or a hybrid board if you want more stability and paddle power.

For Whiskey Point and Peanut Farm, you can use a board that is more suitable for smaller and softer waves. A longboard or a mini-mal would be perfect, as they are easy to paddle and catch waves with. You can also use a soft-top board if you are a beginner or want to have some fun.

For the more advanced spots, you will need a board that can handle the steepness and hollowness of the wave. A shortboard or a step-up board would be recommended, as they are fast and precise. You can also use a gun board if the waves are really big and heavy.

Choose the right time

The best time to surf in Arugam Bay is during the dry season, from May to October. This is when the southwest monsoon brings consistent swells from the Indian Ocean to the east coast of Sri Lanka. The waves are usually bigger and cleaner during this period, and the wind is offshore or light.

The best time of the day to surf in Arugam Bay is early in the morning or late in the afternoon. This is when the tide is low or mid, which makes the waves more hollow and less mushy. It is also when the wind is calm or offshore, which makes the waves more smooth and glassy.

The best time of the month to surf in Arugam Bay is around the full moon or the new moon. This is when the tide range is higher, which creates more variation in the waves. It also affects the currents and the sandbanks, which can change the shape and quality of the waves.

Follow the etiquette

Surfing is not only a sport but also a culture that has its own rules and etiquette. If you want to surf like a pro in Arugam Bay, you need to respect these rules and other surfers. Here are some basic etiquette tips to follow:

  • Don’t drop in: Dropping in means taking off on a wave that someone else is already riding or has priority on. This is considered rude and dangerous, as it can cause collisions and injuries. To avoid dropping in, always check if someone else is on the wave before you paddle for it.
  • Don’t snake: Snaking means paddling around someone else to get closer to the peak of the wave and gain priority. This is considered cheating and disrespectful, as it shows that you don’t respect the line-up order. To avoid snaking, always wait your turn, and don’t cut in front of other surfers.
  • Don’t hog: Hogging means taking too many waves or not letting other surfers have their share of waves. This is considered greedy and selfish, as it shows that you don’t care about other surfers’ enjoyment. To avoid hogging, always share the waves and let other surfers have their chance.
  • Don’t litter: Littering means leaving trash or waste on the beach or in the water. This is considered harmful and irresponsible, as it pollutes the environment and endangers wildlife. To avoid littering, always take your trash with you or dispose of it properly.
  • Don’t be rude: Being rude means being aggressive, arrogant, or disrespectful towards other surfers or locals. This is considered unacceptable and unnecessary, as it creates bad vibes and conflicts. To avoid being rude, always be friendly, polite, and humble.

Have fun

The most important tip to surf like a pro in Arugam Bay is to have fun. Surfing is supposed to be an enjoyable activity that makes you happy and relaxed. Don’t take it too seriously or stress yourself out over it. Just enjoy the waves, the scenery, and the company of other surfers.

Arugam Bay is one of the best places in Sri Lanka to have fun surfing. It has something for everyone: from beginners to experts; from mellow point breaks to hollow reefs; from laid-back vibes to lively nightlife.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your board and head to Arugam Bay!