Why you should visit Fremantle Western Australia

by | Feb 12, 2022 | Australia

Fremantle is a fantastic location to call home. It is situated on the seaside and is noted for its beauty and appeal to visitors. An extensive nightlife scene, as well as a café strip, are all on offer. It also claims of having the greatest fish and chips in the area.


Fremantle is positioned at the terminus of the railway line, making it a highly handy place to go from other cities. As a result, you will not be required to go by automobile. If you have a vehicle, you can simply go to all of the land directions.

It is a port that serves as a marine base for fishing boats and smaller vessels, as well as the point of departure for ferries on their way to Rottnest Island.

Striped Cappuccino in Fremantle

A lively cosmopolitan mix of cafés, restaurants, and pubs, South Terrace (also known as the ‘Cappuccino Strip’) is renowned for its Italian influence on pizza and pasta, as well as for producing some of the finest coffee in Western Australia. With a bustling ambiance and a plethora of options, you’ll also discover a slew of locally manufactured designer clothing stores, as well as gift shops and bookshops.

It is also home to the famed Fremantle Markets and the Sail & Anchor Hotel, which are both located on South Terrace. This is the ideal location to sit outside at an alfresco table and take in the diverse Fremantle environment.

The Cappuccino Strip is the heart of Fremantle’s nightlife district at night, particularly on weekends, with hotels and clubs hosting cabaret, open mic nights, and live music till the small hours of the morning. Even if you don’t have the energy to leave the clubs, the cafés will be open for business by the time you get out of there.

As Western Australia’s outdoor dining capital, the street is lined with restaurants, bars, and breweries, including the world-renowned Sail and Anchor, as well as the award-winning The Monk Brewery and Kitchen.

Bus routes are available

You can go to Perth from Fremantle by using one of the routes listed below.

29.7 kilometers along the Leach Highway/State Route 7 and State Route 2

Using South Street and State Route 2 — 25.6 kilometers

21.55 kilometers if traveling through Canning Highway/State Route 6 and State Route 2.

Hospitals in the area

Located on the south Terrence in Central Fremantle, Fremantle Hospital is a major referral center for the region. It is critical to continue to support Fiona Stanley Hospital and the delivery of South Metropolitan Health services in the future.


Schools- There are several schools available to meet the educational requirements of youngsters. Please see the following page if you would like to see a list of all the major schools in the Fremantle area.


There are several locations where your kid may be safe while participating in a plethora of activities and possibilities.


The University of Notre Dame Australia, which first opened its doors in 1989, has transformed Fremantle into a university town that caters to students’ needs.

Obtaining employment opportunities

There are a variety of options for finding work in Fremantle. Jobs may be found through newspapers, in person, or by asking around in your network. After graduating from a selected field, you may pursue a professional career in that area.

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