Visit the Borella Cemetry Colombo Sri Lanka

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The cemetery, which is located in the neighborhood of Borella, is home to the graves of service members who lost their lives during both World Wars I and II. The cemetery spans 48 acres and has separate areas for each of the different religions practiced by Colombo’s broad foreign population.

There are distinct burial areas for Hindus, Buddhists, Shintoists, Roman Catholics, Anglicans, and Christians who do not adhere to a particular faith. In addition to a total of four crematoriums, the verdant terrain is dotted with ornate temples and mausoleums.

The Borella Kanatte Cemetery is the most important burial site in all of Colombo, and it is located in the neighborhood of Borella. It can be found in the center of a wide roundabout that is formed by the intersection of Narahenpita Road (Elvitigala Mawatha), Bullers Road (Bauddhaloka Mawatha), and Baseline Road (D S Senanayake Mawatha).

The cemetery was founded in 1840 and has since become a highly well-liked location for burials for people of a wide variety of religions. Because Muslims have their own cemeteries in other parts of the city, they do not bury their dead at this particular cemetery.

There is a part that honors those who lost their lives in both the world wars. Those who choose to be cremated rather than laid to rest in the ground may do so at the cemetery’s on-site cremation.

Numerous accounts of unexplained phenomena have been made throughout the course of time by those who visited the cemetery. At a crossroads where four different paths converge, the caretakers have seen what seem to be spectral gatherings. One of the workers said that there was once an effort made by a group of “rationalists” to spend the night in the cemetery.

They were only able to hold out for a short period of time before being destroyed by stones hurled at them by phantom hands. There is also the legend of a dapperly dressed guy in a white suit who leads employees to a morgue and then vanishes behind a wall, causing people to pass out and fall on the ground as a result.

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