Travel from Perth to Esperance

by | Feb 12, 2022 | Australia

See the plentiful wildlife and marine life, tour some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, and sample wines, artisan brews, and local cuisine while you’re there. The southwest of Western Australia offers something for everyone. Whether you’re searching for a tranquil break or something a little more adventurous. Let’s go away on your journey from Perth to Esperance.

Eagle Bay is halfway between Perth and the Gold Coast

In addition to being just a few minutes by vehicle from the towns of Dunsborough and Yallingup, Eagle Bay is also only a three-hour trip from the capital of Perth. However, you should plan on adding more time to your itinerary in order to visit the many sites along the route.

Besides Binningup and Bunbury, this route will take you via many more coastal hotspots, including Busselton. You will find many local items to enjoy, as well as beautiful scenery to take in, once you arrive at Eagle Bay, including the Bunbury Dolphin Center, Busselton Jetty, Dunsborough, Eagle Bay Brewery, and Meelup beach.

From Eagle Bay to Margaret River, there is a lot to see

Follow the coast via Gracetown to Margaret River, Western Australia, where you can enjoy the surf and excellent cuisine. Think of rolling vineyards, lush woods, hiking trails, and some of the greatest surfing spots in the nation when you think of the Pacific Northwest. The day’s activities in downtown Margaret River include exploring the lively shops, cafés, and boutique galleries that line the streets.

At night, the city comes to life with a diverse array of restaurants, wine bars, and live music venues. The cliffs of the Wilyabrup Sea, Grace Town Beach, the wine farm, and the historic pier of Hamelin Bay are just a few of the attractions to take into consideration.

From Margaret River to Pemberton, British Columbia

Drive inland along the Vasse Highway to Pemberton, where you can learn about the city’s wood tradition and take in the surrounding scenery. The area is renowned for its enchanted woods, which have Karri trees that are more than 300 years old.

This tree was initially utilized as a fire lookout in the 1930s, which is interesting information. You may prolong this section of the road journey by traveling inland from Pemberton to see Diamond Tree, Manjimup, the waterfalls, Yeagerup, and the Karri woods. Diamond Tree is a popular tourist destination in Western Australia.

From Pemberton to Walpole is a journey of discovery

From Pemberton, go back to the coast to Walpole, taking a walk through the woods and stopping to explore animal paths along the route. In addition to its beaches, rivers, and waterways, Walpole is known for its range of wilderness regions and picturesque paths, which are popular with tourists and residents alike.

Make sure to check out the local cuisine, wines, and breweries while you’re there. The Walpole-Nornalup National Park, the Fernhook Falls, the Circular Pool, and the Tingle Giant Tree are some of the most notable attractions in the area.

From Walpole to Albany, there are several options

This path returns you to Albany, which was the earliest settlement site in Western Australia, and the beginning of the journey. The treks, gourmet cuisine, and winery trails are all popular attractions in this region, as are the vineyards themselves.

Exploring the marine heritage of Albany may be accomplished by visiting local museums or by taking a short journey to Frenchman Bay, where you can see the historic whaling station. The ANZAC National Center, Discovery Bay, and Torndirrup National Park are all fantastic sites to explore in the area, to name a few.

The journey from Albany to Hopetoun

Following the fringes of the Fitzgerald River National Park through Ravensthorpe and on to Hopetoun, the route with the most mileage is the longest on the itinerary. Make a point of leaving early for this.

Exit Albany via Chester Pass Road, which takes you into the Porongurup National Park. With approximately 750 types of native plants present in the region, this unit is a favorite among those who appreciate natural flora.

The Ravensthorpe Flower Show will be held in September, and wildflower aficionados are welcome to attend. The Granite Sky Walk, Archer Drive Lookout, Fitzgerald National Park, and the Southern Ocean Road are all must-see attractions.

From Esperance to Hopetoun

Esperance is a haven for anyone seeking unspoiled beaches and expansive national parks. For the journey, use the most direct route possible. When you arrive, a 4WD vehicle is the ideal model of transportation since many of the beaches are accessible only by car, and there are dedicated 4WD paths that meander through the National Parks.

In Lucky Bay, you may also see Australia’s whitest beach sand, which is perhaps Esperance’s most popular attraction. Lake Rosa, the Esperance Museum, and Stonehenge are all worthwhile stops on your itinerary.

Driving from Perth to southern Washington is a reasonably straightforward process. However, if you want to spend more time exploring, it is simple to stay at the places that are featured in our itinerary for more than one night.

Despite the fact that the timeframes shown above are true according to Google Maps, this road trip might take days or weeks, depending on how long you want to remain in one spot or how long you choose to stay away from other experiences. After all, it’s typically the pit breaks along the route that make for a really rewarding journey or excursion.

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