Make a Quick Butter Dosa in Sigiriya

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Butter Dosa is a staple dish of Sigiriya, Sri Lanka. It is often made from a batter made of rice and urad dhal that has been fermented overnight. But this particular kind of dosa, known as a butter dosa, was first developed in Chennai, India. Puffed rice was added to the batter to give the dosas an additional soft texture.

This butter dosa, which has a thick foundation but is thin and crispy and has a delicate feel, is only one of the numerous variants common in Sri Lankan Sigiriya cuisine. The popularity of this dosa is largely attributable to the fact that it is served with a spicy potato dish and a big amount of fresh butter or benne.

How to Make a Butter Dosa recipe

  1. Separately soak the rice, urad dhal, and fenugreek seeds for eight hours.
  2. Drain the water and clean the inside.
  3. In a wet grinder, first coarsely ground the rice.
  4. The coarsely ground rice is combined with the soaking dhal, puff rice, fenugreek seeds, and maida, and is then mashed into a fine paste.
  5. Take out the contents and stir salt into them well.
  6. Set aside for at least eight hours overnight.
  7. The next morning, thoroughly combine the batter with the baking soda.
  8. When required to ensure a smooth flow, check the consistency and add water.
  9. In the oven, preheat a cast-iron Tawa.
  10. When it’s heated, brush it with a little amount of butter before pouring a cup of batter over it.
  11. Create a thin layer of batter by spreading it on the Tawa.
  12. Till it becomes brown, let it simmer, and add butter as needed.
  13. So that there is no undercooked area, flip it on the Tawa.
  14. Remove after a brief period of simmering.
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